Admin/4i - What is it?


Admin/4i - What is it?

MSD is an IBM Business Partner located in Brisbane Australia who develop software for the IBMi Server.

Admin/4i is one of our products.

Admin/4i Overview

Admin/4i is a comprehensive system administration tool, providing Menu security, Backups and Scheduler Management, designed and written specifically for the IBM i Server, (Formerly AS/400, iSeries).  Admin/4i also supports the S36 environment if required.

Admin/4i is an easy-to-use high-level interface between the IBM i Operating System, end-users, and application programs.  What this means is that the IT Administration staff can concentrate on the productive activities such as systems development and application maintenance – Admin/4i replaces the need to develop management systems for the Menu allocation, User Security, Backups and Scheduler control.

Three main functions;

  • Menu Management - Secure, consistent menu's
  • Job Scheduler - Manage your batch processing
  • Backups - Easily managed backups


The Menu Management component of Admin/4i provides for:

  • the establishment and structuring of Menus for your in-house developed applications and any purchased package solutions.
  • the establishment and allocation of Security classes for End-users, i.e. Security Officer, Programmer, System Operator, and User.
  • the duplication in-part or total of your menu and security structure to create a Development test area and,
  • the allocation of responsibility for menu item allocation and security access control to individual system or application managers. These may be IT administration personnel or trained end users.

The above functions are provided in an easy-to-use structure with full on-line screen help text.


The Scheduler component of Admin/4i provides for the management of Batch Processing. This includes application batch jobs and system housekeeping functions. The Scheduler component provides the ability to schedule a job to run at a pre-determined time and date and frequency, on a given day of the week/month/year, or on the same relative time and day of the week/month/year (e.g. 1st day of each month). The Scheduler program continually monitors the system time and at pre-determined intervals determines whether the jobs are to be submitted.


The Backup component of Admin/4i provides an easy means to backup the data on your system while providing logging of all objects saved and automatic allocation of tapes to save operations.  Provision is made for saving to either tape or disk, (save files), and utilizsing IBM supplied save types, (*SAVSYS, *NONSYS, *IBM, …).

The Backups component provides for:

  • saving to tape or disk;
  • save Libraries, Objects, Changed objects, Document library objects, Menu application libraries, and Generic library supported;
  • saves controlled by Cycle Descriptions;
  • IBM save types supported;
  • automatic tape allocation;
  • full logging of saved information;
  • simple restore function for object, library, dlo, etcetera

Admin/4i Features and Benefits

Admin/4i provides the following features and benefits:

  • Save time in setting Security and Application Access for your users
  • Common interface to all applications via dynamically generated menus
  • Dynamic and transparent switching between processes
  • Interactive menu maintenance.Changes take effect immediately. One interface to all applications
  • Audit trail – Jobs done when and by whom.Great for tracking errors, etc
  • Flexible menu items. Call programs, execute commands, submit jobs …
  • Application definition - Instant deployment
  • Automated backups
  • Group Jobs – Up to 16 jobs available per session
  • Background Scheduler – run regular jobs in an unattended mode
  • Lock system for software changes and housekeeping ensuring integrity
  • Multi Language support within Admin/4i (Single byte character set only)
  • Full On-Line Help Text

MSD has installed Admin/4i in some of Australia’s largest and smallest companies and 16 countries worldwide since the first version in 1990.

Compare Admin/4i to the way you currently operate

In your CURRENT system environment:

  • Are menu options only accessible to authorized person(s)?
  • We have one common and secure access to every application?
  • We have an audit trail of every menu option taken, when and by whom?
  • Our menu/items are grouped to totally suit our specific needs?
  • Our system can be locked enabling software changes and general housekeeping?
  • Group Jobs have been implemented for Users?
  • Our Backup system is automated?
  • Our regular jobs run automatically and totally unattended?
  • We have an audit trail of all regular jobs that ran unattended?
  • Menu Item Multi Language options is a current feature?
  • User productivity is good?
  • Minimal time is spent setting authority for application access for our users?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions Admin/4i could be the answer.

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