Microsoft Office 365 Servers and Random Errors Issue


Microsoft Office 365 Servers and Random Errors Issue

UPDATE 11/29/2022:

We have identified the problem and released a fix.  This fix has been verified be a few customers already as successful.

The steps to fix MAILTOOL are as follows:

1.  Check your version of MAILTOOL using the following command:


2. If you are on v12.50 or higher, download and install the following service pack (SP221204)

3. If you are a version prior to v12.50, visit and download and install the latest version. Please note that if you are also using SPLTOOL you will want to update that at the same time as the latest versions of SPLTOOL and MAILTOOL are co-dependant.  This new version of MAILTOOL also has updated ILE function names where the hashtag (#) is removed from the beginning of the function names.  

4.  Once you have applied the service pack or updated your version, change data area MLTSSL02DA in the MAILTOOL library to the value *GSKIT (including the star) to make sure you are using the most up to date SSL functions.


5.  Start a new job (to make sure you use the new objects and not any that may be in memory) and run a test.  

As always, feel free to contact us with any issues.  

Recently I have had customers complain of emails not being sent, or errors being issued by MAILTOOL when using Office 365 SMTP servers.

The problem seems to stem from a recent issue on the Microsoft SMTP servers that started about a month ago.  They are random, very hard to duplicate, and so far I haven't had much luck getting any help from Microsoft. 

For one of the errors (where the SMTP server is replying with the wrong response) I have issues a service pack which is also included in the latest version of MAILTOOL that should take care of 99% of those issues.  So if you are on the latest version (as of this writing v12.50) contact us and we can provide a link to the service pack.  Otherwise you may want to download and install the latest version.

Instructions for finding your version of MAILTOOL can be found in our FAQ Page.  The latest version available is listed on the MAILTOOL Page as well.


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