BVSTools Updates SPLTOOL with Ability to Add Images to PDF Files


BVSTools Updates SPLTOOL with Ability to Add Images to PDF Files

BVSTools has released SPLTOOL v10.30 which includes a new command named PDFIMG.

This new command allows you to add an image to an existing PDF file in the IFS.  It also gives you the options to rotate, resize as well as specify where on the PDF document (using x y coordinates) to place the image.

Here is a link that helps explain PDF x,y coordinates:

File types of png, gif, jpg and bmp have been successfully tested.

The latest version of SPLTOOL can be downloaded from http;//


With SPLTOOL v10.31 or up the PDFIMG command now also accepts a Page Number to place the image on (instead of just *FIRST, *LAST, or *ALL) as well as a new parameter named PLACEMENT that allows you to place the image "under" or "over" the PDF document.

When specifying *UNDER you need to make sure the white space in your PDF document is transparent (most are, except for scanned documents or images converted to PDF) otherwise the image will not show through.  When specifying *OVER you should make sure that either the image is placed in an area with no other data, or that the image itself is a transparent image.  Otherwise the image background may overwrite existing PDF data, even if the background is white.

If you are interested in adding Bar Codes to your PDF files, see This Article.

If you have any questions or requests for added features to any of our software, please feel free to contact us.


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